Why ‘Kumquat’?

The term Kumquat comes from a poem by Tony Harrison called ‘A Kumquat for John Keats. A kumquat is a small, orange, citrus fruit that looks pretty harmless but packs a sharp, tangy punch when eaten

Where did you get your logo?

Both the logo and branded Kumquat script was designed by Wes Dye an illustration graduate of Norwich University for the Arts. He’s rather cool don’t you think? Please contact us if you would like him to work on branding or other artwork for you

How can I make a purchase?

We are looking into how purchases can be made internationally. It may take us a while to get our heads round so in the meantime, please contact us if you see something you would like and we can find a way of getting it to you. Please enjoy this pre-perfect stage to give us constructive feedback

How much of your work is made from upcycled materials?

It varies from item to item. Some are made from entirely upcycled materials except some thread (pancakes, purses etc) and others require purchases such as paint and varnish. Every piece will have an upcycled material as its main component

Is upcycled the same as recycled?

Nope. Recycling means a lot of mess we’re not prepared to make and a lot of skills we don’t have. We just repurpose items rather than reducing them to their base components in order to make new things

Wouldn’t it be easier having a business that isn’t in the Sahara Desert?

Now you put it like that… Well, yes it probably would but ‘easy’ can quickly turn into ‘dull’ and life is too short for that kind of nonsense

Has anyone told you about all the missing full stops on your site?

Is it ‘house style’? Is it a flagrant misuse of punctuation? We like to think so.