Congratulations on finding your way to the very first Kumquat blog post! We are Joy & Hannah, living and working in the Sahara Desert, North Africa and having more fun than you might imagine!

With this post, we launch the official website of Kumquat, our artsy-craftsy business that looks at litter, thinks 'hey little fella, you can come home with me' and regenerates what was ugly waste into something new and beautiful. Obviously we want you to buy our products but we also want you to take a look at your environment and see if you can make improvements. We are big fans of upcycling, recycling and repurposing and will be posting links of other initiatives who are involved in similar projects. 

As you will quickly see, our website is still a work in progress. Most notably, we are called the Kumquat Shop but have no means of taking your money. Yet. I won't bore you with the ins and outs of why this is but making you part with your pennies whilst being on another continent is frustratingly complex and it will take us a while to get things fully operational. In the meantime, we would welcome your feedback on what you see. Are there obvious questions we haven't addressed? Are pictures loading quickly enough? Have we, heaven forbid, made a grammatical mistake anywhere? 

We are currently looking for local premises where we can open a physical shop and encourage others to buy our products, change how they view their environment and get involved in regenerating their world. 

We'll keep you posted..!