We are open!

Kumquat opened its doors to the public on Monday night for the first time! After an exciting and exhausting week of drilling, sweeping, stocking and arranging, the shop was ready enough. We stood outside the little arcade where we are situated, holding some small items of stock and greeting women as they went past. We invited them in to see the new boutique and a good number passed through the doors.

We are feeling very proud of how the shop looks; predominantly white and gold that has something of a gallery appearance. We enjoyed adding the little details that can make a big difference; descriptions of the goods in Arabic, butterfly decorations made from drinking cans and funky chalkboard tags for each of our lines.

Last night was a more relaxed affair as we sat with a friend and Hannah made the tea. Locals are loving the fact that we have the traditional tea set as a permanent feature. We are something of a curiosity and we hope we can work this to our good by inviting people in to see what we are all about